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I'm getting following error when trying to compile my project in Android Studio:

Gradle: error: diamond operator is not supported in -source 1.6

I have 1.7 set as target in all project preferences I've found. Also the path displayed in project SDK's under 1.7 SDK is correct path to java 1.7 installation.

Even when I run java -version in terminal, it tells me I'm running on java 1.7.

I have tried to set JAVA_HOME env variable to this:


The error does not go away. How do I eliminate the error?

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Latest Android Studio 1.4.

Click File->Project Structure->SDK Location->JDK Location.

You could also set individual module JDK Version compatibility by going to the Module (below the SDK Location), and edit the Source Compatibility accordingly. (note, this only applies to Android Module).

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