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What is the best way to integrate Selenium tests with Jenkins?

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According to me the best way to integrate Selenium tests with Jenkins is to have it set up in a way where you do not have to spend time managing anything on Jenkins at all aside from the initial configuration, of course.

You can achieve this by doing the following the below-mentioned ways:-

  1. Write your Selenium tests

  2. Check-in your Selenium tests to a project hosting services like GitHub or Bitbucket

  3. Install 3rd party Jenkins plugin that hooks up to your project hosting service

  4. Configure Jenkins to kick off Selenium project builds automatically, say every day at midnight

After following all the above points now your Selenium project builds and executes all tests. If you want to learn Selenium you must take up the following Selenium Training Course. To learn Selenium free of cost you can read the following Selenium Tutorial. Here is a video tutorial through which I learned all these things.


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