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Can a desktop application be automated using Selenium?

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Yes, you can automate desktop application using Selenium. You can try using Winium for that. It is just like using Selenium with the same syntax and everything. But the problem is finding the attributes that you can find in desktop applications. You can use free inspect tools such as UISpy or inspect.exe As of my personal experience in my product, Winium was working perfectly when the element has the name attribute present. For the element whose name attributes were blank, we requested the developers to add some value to name attribute to automate from UI. If you can contact developers to change the attributes of the elements then Winium can be the best tool to automate desktop-based applications. If you want to learn Selenium then you must take up the following Selenium Training Course. You can also read the following Selenium Training. Here is a video tutorial which you can watch to learn more about Selenium.


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