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For beginners, is there any good online learning Spark resource?

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Yes. Here is a collated list of online resources that will help you get started with Spark.

YouTube Tutorials:

·         Apache Spark Tutorial

·         Spark Project

·         Spark Tutorial for Beginners

·         Apache Spark with Python

·         Introduction to Spark SQL

·         Spark SQL Tutorial

·         Apache Spark Architecture

·         Introduction to Apache Spark

·         Kafka Training

·         Learn Apache Spark

Blog Tutorial:

·         Apache Spark Tutorial

·         Spark Features

·         Apache Spark Architecture

·         Apache Spark Applications

·         Spark Components

·         Spark SQL

·         PySpark Cheat Sheet

·         Hadoop vs. Spark

·         Introduction to Apache Spark

·         Spark Vs. MapReduce

·         Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Apache Spark Applications

·         Apache Spark Use Cases

·         What is Apache Spark?

·         Spark RDD to DataFrame

·         Spark in real-time analytics

·         Apache Spark Streaming

Interview Questions:

·         Top Apache Spark Interview Questions And Answers

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