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What is the difference between Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics?

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Business intelligence – Deals with what happened in the past and how it happened leading up to the present moment. It identifies big trends and patterns without digging too much into the why’s or predicting the future. To get started with Business intelligence, here is the video from intellipaat that might be helpful to you:

Business analytics – Deals with the why’s of what happened in the past. It breaks down contributing factors and causality. It also uses these why’s to make predictions of what will happen in the future. To get started with Business analytics, here is the video from intellipaat that might be helpful to you:

Business Intelligence Vs Business Analytics


Conclusion – Business Intelligence vs Business Analytics

Business Intelligence analyses past and present data to operate the current business efficiently whereas Business Analytics analyses the past data to analyze current scenarios and to be prepared for future businesses.

In order to operate the businesses based upon requirements, Business Intelligence and Business Analytics play different roles in their usage causing the business productivity more and the further requirements are based upon the existing present and past business data to run the current and future business operations effectively.

Choosing the solutions for the business depends on the aims, goals, and targets of the company. Companies that require huge data in cases of data warehouse and huge impacting visual reporting should seriously consider the business intelligence as their tool to operate their businesses productively.

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