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Hello I tried to use MWC function in AAE to pick the correct position form drop-down menu but I am receiving following error: AAE Drop-down menu Error Drop-down menu

Could you help me and point what I am doing wrong ? There is something wrong with format of "Text to set" how it supposed to look like.

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Looking at the second image (Drop-down menu), this application shows the PO Actions in an expand-contract fashion, not as a drop-down. Automation Anywhere can work with a drop-down menu that is actually of type HTML Dropdown. So, the Select Item By Text activity won't work with your target application.

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One way to approach can be by going for Object cloning over Windows control simply because Object cloning lets you have increased control over the objects and their properties and  I would suggest you use Object cloning and choose the right option from within the Object Properties rather than using Web recorder after that.

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