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I need help with Automation Anywhere

  • I have the following Drop-Down List and need to select an option.

< option selected="selected" value="">< /option >

< option value="0001">EUA OPT (0001)< /option >

< option value="0002">BRA OPT (0002)< /option >

< option value="0003">GER OPT (0003)< /option >

  • I want the second option, BRA OPT (0002). In "Web Recorder" in the "Manage Web Controls" command there is a functionality to work with Drop-Down List. I can select the desired option for the "Select Item By Text" action, but it is only possible when I enter the full text -> BRA OPT (0002).

  • How do I make the chosen option be selected by entering only the value? value = "0002"

Thank you.

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The idea that comes to my mind is object cloning. Here is how to go about it:

First  “click” drop-down list with Object cloning then take the whole text from that list with object cloning into a variable let's say x. Now search inside x for the value you’re looking for , in this case “0002” then use string operations to find the value you are looking for from using before ‘)’ and after ‘(002)’  and assign this to a variable say y and then last step would be to concatenate the variable y with “002” and pass it to web recorder.


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