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I have an excel sheet that has a data like this

Position        URL       Company  Location

Developer  /xyz/123/xyz    ABC       US

Manager    /xyz/132/asd    ASD       US

Tester     /xyz/142/asf    ABD       US

I wish to capture all the url from this sheet and add "" before them and replace the old url with the new url so that the sheet becomes like this

Position        URL                  Company  Location

Developer    ABC       US

Manager    ASD       US

Tester    ABD       US

The work flow that i have till now is 1) Open excel application scope 2) Use read range 3) Use for each row to fetch the url 4) Use assign activity to create a new variable and save the new url in it

But i am not able to understand how to replace it

Would appreciate any help

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a For each row you can loop through the datatable and replace the value in column URL using an Assign activity like this:


Want to learn UIpath from scratch! Have a look at this video on UIpath provided by Intellipaat:

Next, use Excel application scope again. Look for the activity Write range (System > File > Workbook > Write range) and enter the datatable. I recommend you to check Add headers.


This will add the datatable to the Excel file selected.

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