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I have an excel sheet that has a data like this

Position        URL       Company  Location

Developer  /xyz/123/xyz    ABC       US

Manager    /xyz/132/asd    ASD       US

Tester     /xyz/142/asf    ABD       US

I wish to capture all the url from this sheet and add "www.xyz.com/" before them and replace the old url with the new url so that the sheet becomes like this

Position        URL                  Company  Location

Developer  www.xyz.com//xyz/123/xyz    ABC       US

Manager    www.xyz.com//xyz/132/asd    ASD       US

Tester     www.xyz.com//xyz/142/asf    ABD       US

The work flow that i have till now is 1) Open excel application scope 2) Use read range 3) Use for each row to fetch the url 4) Use assign activity to create a new variable and save the new url in it

But i am not able to understand how to replace it

Would appreciate any help

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a For each row you can loop through the datatable and replace the value in column URL using an Assign activity like this:


Want to learn UIpath from scratch! Have a look at this video on UIpath provided by Intellipaat:

Next, use Excel application scope again. Look for the activity Write range (System > File > Workbook > Write range) and enter the datatable. I recommend you to check Add headers.


This will add the datatable to the Excel file selected.

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