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How to read an excel sheet and put the cell value within different text fields through UiPath?

I have a excel sheet as follows:


I have read the excel contents and to iterate over the contents later I have stored the contents in a Output Data Table as follows

  • Read Range - Output:

    • DataTable: CVdatatable
  • Output Data Table

    • DataTable: CVdatatable
    • Text: opCVdatatable



Finally, I want to read the text opCVdatatable in a iteration and write them into text fields. So in the desired Input fileds I mentioned opCVdatatable or opCVdatatable+ "[k(enter)]" as required.



But UiPath seems to start from the begining of the Output Data Table whenever I called for opCVdatatable.

Inshort, each desired Input fileds are iteratively getting filled up by all the data with the data stored in the Output Data Table.

Can someone help me out please?

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First of all, you can use read range activity to read data from Excel because it is quicker, works in the background,

You can start your sequence something like this



Note that add header is not checked

This activity outputs a string containing all row items. What you want to do now is to access the items in the data table and output each one as a string in your ‘type into’ something like this


you want to read the text ‘opCVdatatable’ in an iteration and write them into text fields right ?.

 This is a little bit more complex, but you can approach it like this.

 You can use a For Each Row activity and loop through each row in CVDatatable, setting the index property if required:



image image

The task is to get the selector correct here and make it dynamic so that it targets a different text field per iteration. The selector for the type into activity will depend on the system you are targeting.


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