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Could someone tell me the benefits of Cloud Computing? How to learn AWS?

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1. Data Privacy and Security: It is the highest priority in AWS services because you are paying them to store your data and host applications, to do that keep their architecture big enough with no chance of vulnerability.

2. No Maintenance worries:  They take care of maintenance because it is their h/w you are only hosting your s/w in it, they update and upgrade the software.

3. Faster data recovery: We may need some online or some kind of storage for data recovery, for that you can use AWS services, you can store in the nearest server possible and recover that data fastly.

4. Scale Dynamically: They auto-scale servers, suppose there are 10000 users accessing your website, so to accommodate these requests it will redirect these requests to scaled servers.

5. Reduced Costs: You only pay for what you use.

Now, if you want to get certified in AWS, check out this amazon web services certification. Further, if you want to know about AWS in detail, watch this video below:

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