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How much does a career in Django Web Framework pay?

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Django web framework is one of the highest-paid job skills of a developer. The average salary of a developer having this skill is ₹806,000 per year in India while in the US, it sums up to US$106,491 per annum.

If you wish to learn more about Django, you can read Intellipaat’s Python Django Tutorial. You can also enroll for the Python Django Training and Certification to become a professional in the Django web framework.

If you enroll for the course with Intellipaat, you will get many advantages including:

  • 24-hour instructor assistance
  • Real-world exercises and projects
  • Immersive LMS with pre-uploaded Self-paced videos
  • Lifetime free upgrade courseware
  • Course completion certification
  • Job assistance

To get a head start, do go through the below Django Tutorial for Beginners video:

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