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How can an SSRS report be scheduled to run (in email delivery option) every Monday and Tuesday and every hour between 6:00 AM and 6:00 PM?

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Reporting Services Web portal and SQL Server Management Studio in Native mode and SharePoint site administration pages in SharePoint mode can be used to create and manage your schedules

Report Subscription is one of the powerful options that is available in SQL Reporting Services. Generally, SSRS subscriptions allow the user to create reports without interacting with Report Manager, BIDS or Report Builder.

Shared schedule can be created if you want to use the same schedule information for many reports or subscriptions. The schedule information is saved by the report in the report server database or for SharePoint mode, the service application database whenever you create a schedule.  SQL Server Agent job is also created by the report server that is used to trigger the schedule. Schedule processing is generally based on the local time of the report server that contains the schedule.

Step 1: To create a report subscription in SSRS, Click the down arrow beside the Report will open the menu items. From Menu options, you have to select the Manage option 

Step 2: Once you select the Manage option, the Report manager will navigate you to a new page with the following tabs. This page can be used to manage the advanced setting of this Report.

It will show the Report Created user, created and modified dates, and the Report size under the properties tab.

Step 3: Please navigate yourself to the Subscriptions tab and select the New Subscription option in SSRS.

Step 4: Once you choose the New Subscription option, the report manager will navigate to the following page.

Step 5: Subscriptions in SSRS supports two types of Delivery options: Windows File Share, and Email. You can schedule the report by selecting schedule

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