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I was building an SSRS Report. Meanwhile, I got stuck in finding the COUNT of rows having priority as "high" and business as "COM".

I tried by implementing the below mentioned expression but it returns count of all rows where Business = "COM" =IIF(Fields!Business.Value = "COM", count(Fields!Priority.Value="High"),0)

Can some one help me out?



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Count Function in SSRS falls under Report Builder Functions which basically returns a count of non-null values specified by the expression in the given scope.

Syntax for Count Function: Count(expression, scope, recursive) 

If statement in SSRS allows a developer to control the program flow and it's outputs. It is a decision function that can be reached through expression. In SSRS, the keyword for If statement is IIF.

Syntax for If statement:  IIf(Expression as Boolean, TruePart as Object, FalsePart as Object)

So you are trying to run logic on a non-aggregate field, and then attempting to do an aggregate. You can choose any of the below mentioned examples based on your preference. 

Note:   In the first example, I have counted your Key value. You need to replace it:

=COUNT(IIF(Fields!Business.Value = "COM" AND Fields!Priority.Value="High", Fields!YourIDField.Value, NOTHING))

=SUM(IIF(Fields!Business.Value = "COM" AND Fields!Priority.Value="High",1,0)) 

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