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I have been trying to import a file from the past few hours, every time I try I end up getting errors. This is my code which I am using to extract the file :

df = pd.read_csv('arima1.csv', sep=';',parse_dates={'Month':[0, 1]}, index_col = 'Month')






IndexError: list index out of range


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I search the file on the internet and found the file. After going through the dataset. If found that the dataset needs to be cleaned. The below code will help you export the file:

df = pd.read_csv("arima1.csv",sep='\"+')

# df['Month']= pd.to_datetime(df['Month,'],format="%m/%d/%Y,")

# df['Receita'] = df['Receita'].apply(lambda x: float(x.replace("R$","").replace(",","")))

# df.set_index(['Month'])['Receita'].plot()

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