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S3 is a storage facility, EBS is a device, EFS is a file system.

Can you please help me in choosing among the three and where

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Amazon S3:

  • S3 is scalable in nature.
  • Amazon S3 is object storage which is suitable for storing user files and backups in massive numbers.
  • S3 is the slowest.
  • Provides simple object storage, useful for hosting website images and videos, data analytics, and both mobile and web applications.
  • S3 service can be accessed from anywhere on the internet.
  • It is great for short term archiving and for the long term the Glacier becomes costly. Glacier is a storage system which is used for backup and archiving data.
  • S3 is a web system interface.

Amazon EBS:

  • EBS is hardly scalable and provides block storage
  • Amazon EBS can also enhance the functionality of Amazon EC2 - it is similar to your computer's drive but in a virtualized environment
  • EBS is the fastest amongst the three and relatively cheap
  • Provides persistent block-level data storage. It blocks storage stores files in multiple volumes called blocks, which act as separate hard drives; block storage devices are more flexible and offer higher performance than regular file storage.
  • It only exists in a particular region.
  • EBS is a file system interface.

Amazon EFS:

  • Amazon EFS was designed to provide scalable object storage for the users of Amazon EC2 cloud computing service.
  • EFS is slower than EBS and faster than S3
  • Is a shared, elastic file storage system that can grow and shrinks as you add or remove files. It provides a traditional file storage paradigm, with data organized into directories and subdirectories.
  • It is useful for SaaS applications and content management systems
  • It has more features but it is more costly
  • EFS is both web and file system interface.

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