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We're confused about the meaning of MaxSession and MaxInstances of Selenium Grid. We think that the MaxSession is the total number of test sessions that can run on a single node. And we also think that the MaxInstances is the total number of browsers that a test can open.

Or is MaxInstances the total number of browsers available to the node?

The command that we are using is:

java -Xrs -jar selenium-server.jar -role node -port 44506 -hub http://localhost:44500

/grid/register -firefoxProfileTemplate SeleniumProfile -timeout 300000 -browser 

"browserName=firefox,maxInstances=10,platform=ANY,seleniumProtocol=WebDriver" -browser 


We think the way we are using our node (above) is 5 concurrent test sessions by default.

Does each test have 20 browsers available to it?

Or does each test session share the 20 browsers (10 chrome/10 FF) in a pool - with the other test sessions?

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Max Instances

This many instances of the same version of the browser can run over the Remote System.

Let’s explain with an example

-browser browserName=firefox,version=12,maxInstances=5,platform=LINUX

-browser browserName=InternetExplorer,version=9.0,maxInstances=5,platform=LINUX

 The above example will allow you to run 5 instances of Firefox 12 and as well as 5 instances of IE9 at the same time in a remote machine.

Max Session

 This says, how many browsers (Any Browser and any version) can run in parallel at a time in the remote system. 

Let’s go with an example

when maxSession=1 forces that you never have more than 1 browser running. 

With maxSession=2 you can have 2 Firefox tests at the same time, or 1 Internet Explorer and 1 Firefox test). 

Irrespective of what MaxInstances you have defined.

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