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Here I am having a table with input data

Prd_no Prd_Name Fiscal_month sales
123     XXX      012015     10000
123     XXX      022015     999
124     yyy      022015     20000
125     ZZZ      122015     30000

And I have produce output 

           Fiscal month
           012015   021015 

Sales 10000 999 

I have updated parameters and calculated feilds and noting is working to display selected and previous month sales 

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Step 1 : Assign Fiscal_Parameter and mix up with Month Data.The datatype of parameters should be a integer .

Step 2 : Create a calculated feild as Previous Year

IF INT( [Fiscal_parameter]/10000 ) = 1 THEN 

    INT('12'+ STR(INT([Fiscal_parameter]%10000)-1)








STEP 3 : And the create a calculated feild called Previous Month Sales

IF [Fiscal month] = [Previous Month] THEN [Sales] END

STEP 4: Current month sales calculated feild

IF [Fiscal_parameter] = [Fiscal month] THEN [Sales] END

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