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I am following the Hyperledger tutorial and the instructor modifies a sample contract. However, with the current version of Hyperledger fabric playground which can be accessed online, there is no mention of state after entering the accountTransfer function. This leads to an error as shown below:

Hyperledger Composer Playground ErrorHow to solve the same? I have tried searching for answers but I couldn't find any which addresses this specific issue.

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From what I understand, there are two main problems in your model: 

  1. transactionID is already reserved. Therefore you do not have to define it. Transaction IDs are returned when a transaction is submitted)
  2. Unlike participants and assets, you are not required to use 'identified by' in the definition of your transaction. 
Lastly, the reason behind the out-of-context 't:' error is an outstanding Github issue (a different kind of problem producing the error, but the same error results nonetheless). 

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