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I successfully managed to connect a java application to Power BI REST API and managed to create a dataset and added some data.

I can view this data from Power BI web interface, make reports, graph, etc.

Is it possible to connect Power BI Desktop to these datasets and create custom reports from there? I'm asking this because the desktop application seems to be more complete. You can edit column names, merge tables, etc. all things that are not available in the web application.

Thanks all for the help.


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  • REST API Dataset is possible to be used in Power BI Desktop since April 2017 and it worked for me in the latest version of Power BI Desktop.

  • But even though you can create reports based on datasets from Power BI Service, you still cannot edit column names, merge tables, etc.

  • The features enabling live services are called Power BI service Live connection.

  • In order to establish a connection to the published report, and create your own report based on the published dataset, select Get Data from the Home ribbon in Power BI Desktop, and select Power BI service.  It can be selected from Get Data => Online Services=> Power BI service.

  • After completion of this report, you can publish your report by selecting Publish from the Home ribbon in Power BI Desktop.

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