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What are some good machine learning communities to join?

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Machine Learning is a significant branch of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and in high demand. According to the job postings in LinkedIn, there are over 43,000 job vacancies for professionals with Machine Learning skills in the United States alone whereas, in India, there are over 16,000 vacancies.

If this does not intrigue you enough to get into this domain, maybe the salary figures will. A Machine Learning Engineer makes an average of US$112,374 per annum and it can increase to US$154,000 per annum as per PayScale. It is safe to say that they are among the highest-paid IT professionals in the world. 

Due to the rapid increase in the demand for these experts, several institutes are offering courses in this technology along with a few additional advantages to gain an edge over their competitors and help you reach your goal. Some of the benefits of taking up a Machine Learning course at Intellipaat include self-paced training, an instructor-led program, hands-on experience through assignments and projects, and more. Besides, it is curated by experts from this industry who have years of experience in this field. Moreover, Intellipaat’s Machine Learning community provides answers to all queries within 24-hours as promised and the solution helps in keeping up with the training program.

You must watch this YouTube video on Machine Learning created by experts to help you get a better understanding of this field:

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