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I just started with machine learning. I want to know about the applications of machine learning. I know we can do prediction in machine learning, but I want to know about recent applications.

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Machine learning is quite a vast field. Its applications can be related to many other areas. Some applications of machine learning are:

Web Search Engine - Google, Apple Safari

Photo Tagging Applications - Google Photos, Picasa

Image Processing - Facial Recognition, Object Detection

Spam Detection - Banking, Finance

Computer Security - Antivirus Protection

Video Surveillance - Real-Time Face Detection

Social Media Services - Facebook, Twitter

Email Spam and Malware Filtering - Gmail

Online Customer Support - Chatbot

Search Engine Result Refining - Redirect links

Product Recommendations - Amazon, Netflix

Online Fraud Detection - Phishing, Credit Card Fraud

Machine learning as a field is largely focused on the task of using data to build a model that can map inputs to a desired set of outputs. Machine learning is growing constantly, as folks imagine new applications for machine learning. Here are some places to read up on machine learning applications, you can take a look at the following:

If you want to know the real-world applications of Machine Learning then you can go through this video:

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