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How good is Google AI?

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We are now witnessing a new shift in computing: the move from a mobile-first to an AI-first world.”--Sundar Pichai

Artificial Intelligence is shaping our world and google is working hard on it.Google has always seen itself as more than a search and advertising company.

At Google, there are thousands of projects, supported by machine learning. They are impacting so many products from Gmail, Smart Reply, autonomous driving, Google Assistant to cloud AI functions.

Some of the Google’s Biggest Artificial Intelligence Projects are:

Google the search engine

Google Search Engine has incorporated deep learning into its search engine. And with its head of AI taking over search, the company seems to believe this is the way forward

Smart Compose

Smart Compose tool, which uses machine-taught AI to predict how someone might finish a sentence with suggested text in an email composition.




Google is working on a new project to determine if artificial intelligence can ever be truly creative.Google Brain research Team working on a project to determine if AI is capable of creating original music and visual art somewhat independently of humans.


Natural Language Understanding


In this project Google Research focuses on teaching the AI to understand, conversationally and casually, what the user is saying to it and respond in an equally conversational and casual manner.

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