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I am attempting to select various prices of a product based on the quantity that the user chooses. 

Following is the query I am working on (it has a syntax error):

 select id, 
    ELSEIF(('23'>qty_1 && qty_2<='23'),price_2,1)
    ELSEIF(('23'>qty_2 && qty_3<='23'),price_3,1)
    END IF) as total 
 from product;

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You have what you have used in stored procedures like this for reference, though they are not intended to be used as you have now. You can use IF, but a Case statement is better for eyes. Like this:

select id, 
        WHEN qty_1 <= '23' THEN price
        WHEN '23' > qty_1 && qty_2 <= '23' THEN price_2
        WHEN '23' > qty_2 && qty_3 <= '23' THEN price_3
        WHEN '23' > qty_3 THEN price_4
        ELSE 1
    END) AS total
 from product;

This seems cleaner. I think you do not need the inner SELECT anyway.

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