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Could someone tell me whether Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK) enough to give CBAP?

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BABOK or Business Analysis Body of Knowledge is a complete guide by which you will get the complete theoretical understanding required for attempting CBAP, but that alone will not be sufficient to crack the CBAP certification, as you will be needing real practical experience working as a Business Analyst, tackling real-world problems, finding out the solutions for them. Without BABOK you will definitely not pass the CBAP exam, but going only by it, also, will not aid you in cracking the certification exam. If you are serious about cracking the CBAP certification exam, I would recommend you enroll in a good online training on Business Analyst course from Intellipaat. If you are just starting out on CBAP, then watching the following video on Certified Business Analysis Professional, might help you get started.

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