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I am trying to pass values to an XL macro from within UiPath.

Within XL, I managed to pass values from a button to a macro.
This is how I called my macro from the button.


I tried this without the single quotes but it did not work. And it did not work without the double quotes around the string.

I tried creating a variable within UiPath like this "'macroTest(" & CHR(34) & "A12" & CHR(34) & " )'"

But I got no luck.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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For now, as far as I know, you cannot pass parameters to the macro with 'execute Macro' activity.

I can suggest a workaround that might help you, What you can do is
write the values in a separate sheet, in some fixed cells using Write Cell activities and have the macro read the values from there

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