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I have tried several ways but somehow they dont look clean;

  1. I have a URL file in Excel format (400+ urls in a column)
  2. I want UiPath to read from that file and browse these URLs one by one

I tried with making "Navigate to" read from a variable that reads from Excel but it just gets messy and does not work.

anyone can suggest some easy way to do it?

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 I didn’t really get what you were trying to do please elaborate but as per my understanding of your query you’re trying to URL in each row inside a column, here is the solution for this

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Take one excel application scope and give it the path of the excel file you’re trying to read and create a ‘data table’ object.

Next, use ‘for each row’ activity and give your data table object

Then within this loop use ‘assign’ activity and set the url=row.Item(“urlColumnname”).ToString()

After this is done you need to navigate to the website to do that use ‘Navigate to’ activity to visit each url.

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