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I wonder what are the advantages and disadvantages of these two algorithms. I want to write AddEmUp C++ solved, but I'm not sure which (IDA or DFID) algorithm should I use.

The best article I found is this one, but it seems too old - '93. Any newer?

I think IDA* would be better, but.. ? Any other ideas?

Any ideas and info would be helpful.

Thanks! (:

EDIT: Some good articles about IDA* and a good explanation of the algorithm?

EDIT2: Or some good heuristic function for that game? I have no idea how to think of some :/

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DFID is just a special case of IDA* where the heuristic function is the constant 0; in other words, it has no provision for introducing heuristics. If the problem is not small enough that it can be solved without using heuristics, it seems you have no choice but to use IDA* (or some other member of the A* family). That said, IDA* is really not that hard: the implementation provided by the authors of AIMA is only about half a page of Lisp code.

You can refer to the following links for getting more information about IDA:

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