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I just want to know, how can I send a message to someone with telegram API using my own account? Can anyone please help me?

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Telegram has a careful and archived public API

Following a few connections from that point, here is the synopsis of the important parts:

  • the API is not restricted to bots, they are just a (special) kind of users;
  • the API has methods called getMessages and sendMessage, that should be what you need;
  • to call the API, Telegram recommends to use the dedicated library TDLib available for multiple programming languages.
  • There are several examples available on GitHub

Among the models, in the event that you go the Python part, they suggest: 

If you use modern Python >= 3.6, take a look at python-telegram.

You'll discover directions to utilize the library, and in the model's organizer, you can discover content to communicate something specific. 

I'll duplicate it here for fulfillment:

import logging

import argparse

from utils import setup_logging

from telegram.client import Telegram


Sends a message to a chat


    python examples/ api_id api_hash phone chat_id text


if __name__ == '__main__':


    parser = argparse.ArgumentParser()

    parser.add_argument('api_id', help='API id')  #

    parser.add_argument('api_hash', help='API hash')

    parser.add_argument('phone', help='Phone')

    parser.add_argument('chat_id', help='Chat id', type=int)

    parser.add_argument('text', help='Message text')

    args = parser.parse_args()

    tg = Telegram(





    # you must call login method before others


    # if this is the first run, library needs to preload all chats

    # otherwise the message will not be sent

    result = tg.get_chats()

    # `tdlib` is asynchronous, so `python-telegram` always returns you an `AsyncResult` object.

    # You can wait for a result with the blocking `wait` method.


    if result.error:

        print(f'get chats error: {result.error_info}')


        print(f'chats: {result.update}')

    result = tg.send_message(





    if result.error:

        print(f'send message error: {result.error_info}')


        print(f'message has been sent: {result.update}')

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