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I am unaware of such an API or service that exists currently so this is a vague question, my apologies.

I have a PHP script that works with Freebase and I was wondering if I can enable it so a user can ask a question on my site which will be deconstructed using natural language processing, query the Freebase API and then return an answer.

Does anyone know of an already existing tool like this that works with Freebase?

If not, does anyone know of any great Natural Language Understanding APIs that would be able to strip down a question such as "how tall is Mount Everest?" and tell my script to query "height" on the Mount Everest article on Freebase?

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There is a full NLP stack that is available in PHP. You can check out the PHP wrapper on Github and Packagist.

The NLP stacks contain the following APIs:

  • Sentiment Analysis

  • Multilingual Sentiment Analysis

  • Keyword Generator

  • Text Classification/Taxonomy

  • Entity Extraction/NER

  • Semantic Analysis

  • Emotion Detection

  • Intent Analysis

  • Abusive Content Classifier

Along with PHP, we have wrappers available for Python, C#, and Ruby as well.

You can also refer to the following links for more examples:

If you wish to know more about sentiment analysissemantic analysisemotion detection then visit this NLP Course.

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