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Could someone tell me how much does ECBA certificate cost?

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ECBA Certification cost is different for different countries. So, what IIBA did is that they divided different countries based on their economies into three different regions. Region 1, 2 & 3. Countries like the USA, Australia, Canada, UK, UAE, etc., fall in Region 1. Singapore, Taiwan, South Africa, etc., in Region 2. And finally, countries like India, Pakistan, Argentina, etc., in Region 3. 

So, professionals from wealthier countries have to pay more, and those of economically weaker countries can pay less. So, if you are in India, your ECBA Certification costs break-up would be: 

  • Membership cost: USD 55

  • Application Fee: USD 60

  • Exam Fees (Member): USD 110

  • Exam Fees (Non-Member): USD 225 

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