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I want to know 'How to add wait or Delay until webpage is fully loaded,' in automations anywhere, I used

wait for screen change

But it hold the process until some time specified by the developer , but I want to add delay until the web page fully loaded, Is there anyone can help me? 


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My idea is to choose  an element which you know is loaded after the element you want to interact with. For instance the navigation bar on this website is loaded before the comments are. You can either figure out which element to use by looking at the source of the website by right-clicking anywhere and selecting view source or by simply refreshing the page a couple of times and eye-balling it.

Once you've identified your element, use Object Cloning on said element and use the built-in waitas a delay (usually set to 15 sec, depending on the website/connection). The Action should be some random get property (store whatever you retrieve in some dummy variable as we're not going to use it anyway).

Object Cloning's wait function polls every so many milliseconds and once the element is found it will almost instantaneously go to the next line in the code. This is where you interact with your target element.

This way you know your target element is loaded and the code is very optimized and robust



How to add wait / Delay until web page is fully loaded in Automation Anywhere?
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Hi I have same situation on our webapp, Page is loaded but unable to button though its visible. Even data link is showing unable to click that. If i pause d bot and start after few seconds it works.

Didnt get your solution. After adding the variable of that object what is next?

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