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which one is better Tableau or Power BI ?

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While there are several comparisons between Power BI and Tableau, I'll provide some information from my own experience in this piece to help you make the right choice.

Today, all business enterprises need extensive business insights, and this Business Intelligence tool puts the power in your hands. Power BI is generally considered to be easier to learn for beginners and non-data analysts. When it comes to tableau it is quite tough to learn so it is mostly used by data analysts. Not only that Power BI generally works out cheaper than Tableau and even has a free version available for individual use. To master Power BI  we at Intellipaat provide the best Power BI Certification Training Course. You will get a chance to learn from industry experts and to work upon real-time examples through our course. Our Power BI certification classes will prepare you for the top-paying jobs in the market and will help you grow your career at a rapid pace.

For your reference, I will attach a video, check out how we helped our learner Vijayaragavan Krishnamoorthy in developing his profession as a Power BI Developer,

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