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Anybody know the difference between Federated authentication and Delegated authentication in salesforce? Can you explain the flow of request in these two methods?

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Federated AuthenticationDelegated Authentication
Federated Authentication is available in all editions.Delegated Authentication is available in Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, Developer and editions.
Federated Authentication lets you send authentication and authorization data between affiliated but unruled web services.Delegated Authentication integrates Salesforce with an authentication method that you can choose.
Federated authentication uses SAML, an industry-standard for secure integrations. Investing in SAML with can be leveraged with other products or services. Delegated Authentication can be used if you have mobile users in your organization. And hence is less secure.
Federated Authentication requires comparatively less work for the company implementing it as compared to Delegated AuthenticationDelegated Authentication requires much more work for the company implementing it.

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