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Can I do master's in AI and Robotics after doing in Mechanical Engineering?

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Of course you can. It's good to know that you would like to pursue with an AI specialization after finishing your in mechanical engineering. AI is one of the promising careers to pursue in this digital era. If you are looking for best place to learn this technology then I will suggest Intellipaat which is offering MTech in Artificial intelligence and Machine learning in collaboration with IIT Jammu.  This course is open to all graduates; there are no prerequisites. Use this incredible opportunity to learn for two years with the guidance of IIT faculty, graduate from IIT Jammu, master a variety of AI and ML topics while working on real-world projects and assignments, and attend soft skills training in addition to technical training. With the knowledge you learned from this training, you will be able to clear interviews with ease. Become a certified professional with all the required skills.

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