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I've just started using the Amazon Web Services (AWS) and I'm still learning about how it works and what features it provides. I have successfully built two of the sample Java web apps and uploaded them to hosted instances on AWS. If I go to the Elastic Beanstalk tab in my AWS Management Console, I can see each of my hosted web apps, including a URL link to each webapp. The URLs are of the format:

I also own a personal domain name. Let's call it "". The domain registrar provides a DNS maintenance page where I can change the A and CNAME records for my domains.

QUESTION: Is it possible for me to configure my domain DNS in conjunction with my AWS account such that I can make my AWS-hosted web apps appear with URLs like this:

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I would suggest you use an Elastic IP and a Route 53 hosted zone:

  • Create and attach an elastic IP to one of your instances
  • Create a Hosted Zone and add the domain name as your wish. 
  • Add the Nameservers
  • Wait from few minutes to 2 days for the DNS propagation

Elastic IP is free of charge and you can up to 5 at a time for free. But if you don’t use it, you will be charged a little.

Also, check out this blog to understand how Route 53 works and how to create a hosted zone.


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