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I want to know what is exactly edge locations in AWS. Where and in what form do they exist?

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An edge location is the nearest point to the consumer(user) who is consuming the AWS service. In these locations, the server is not present but a small setup is there.

  • They are located in major cities around the world. Unlike Availability Zones which are Physical Locations where AWS servers Lies, An Edge location is basically a small setup in different locations.AWS Edge location is the place where the data is cached to reduce the latency to the end users.
  • To check all the available Edge locations you can visit the official AWS page below.

What exactly is an AWS “Edge Location”?
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We can describe an Edge location as a small setup in different locations. It basically provides low latency connectivity by providing static content to be available from the nearest location of the request. What actually happens here is that instead of getting the information from the source it just routes to the nearest edge location and delivers the information reducing the latency. So, by following this way the access time is reduced and response gets faster.

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