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What does a certification in AWS mean?

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AWS Certification holds a great value, when applying for jobs as an AWS Architect. It not only improves your CV for the particular role but also enhances your ability to work with AWS services. It acts as a huge evidence of how well you know about this specific technology. 

Passing the AWS certification can help you to get a promotion to a higher post along with a good salary hike. According to recent surveys, 80% of professionals who work for AWS claim that their increased pay was a direct outcome of their cloud certification. Therefore, if you are looking to pursue a career in AWS cloud computing domain, then its advisable to get yourself AWS certified to get a good amount of salary. 

Passing an AWS certification requires a lot of knowledge and to learn that, you can check Intellipaat’s aws training course that will provide you with all the in-depth knowledge required to get a certification in AWS.

You can even watch Rahul's success story, a learner at Intellipaat who received a 40% salary hike at work.

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