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I'd like to create a grouped bar chart with multiple measures by color. I have the following measures:





I have a total of 2 web sites that I am collecting data from, so I'd like to have a different color for each measure and the columns to be side-by-side. Also, I'd like for them to be separated by the site as well.

I see the stacked bar columns, but that's not the way I want to visualize this. Does anybody have any ideas? 

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  • You have 4 measures, 1 dimension(Websites) with 2 websites names. Now, you need to show side by side bar, each column has two websites i.e., 4 columns with 2 sub-columns each.

  • Now, Drag Measure Names and Websites to columns shelf and Measure Values to row shelf.

  • Now, from Show Me shelf select side-by-side bars

  • If you get 2 columns with 4 sub-columns, swap positions of Measure Names and Websites

  • If you didn't get different colors for different measures, drag Measure Names to Color in Marks.

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