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I have created some Lambda functions on AWS for testing purposes (named as test_function something), then after testing, I found those functions can be used in prod env.

Is it possible to rename the Lambda function? and how? Or should I create a new one and copy-paste source code?

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No, you cannot rename your Lambda function's name! 

There are two other options:

  1. You can create an Alias of your Lambda function for naming a specific version of the Lambda function
  2. You can create another Lambda function, do the same settings, attach the same Roles, and use the same code. You will not be charged anything extra!
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The nearest you can get to renaming the lambda function is using an alias, which is a way to name a specific version of a lambda. The actual name of the function is set once you create it. If you want to rename it, just create a new function and copy the same code into it. It won't cost you any extra to do this (since you are only charged for execution time) so you lose nothing.

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