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I would like to detect gestures on an iOS device using the accelerometer and perhaps the gyroscope. The Application should detect movements like drawing a circle or a rectangle in the air. I've found several papers on gesture recognition on iPhones but there is no actual code that I could use. I wonder if there is a library that could assist me in approaching this goal in any way? If not, I have to start building one on my own! :) Thanks in advance!

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Accelerometers have been widely planted in most current mobile devices, providing easy and intuitive operations. Through this link, we will get to introduce to a Motion Gesture Recognition system (MGRA)which is based on accelerometer data only, which is entirely performed on mobile devices and can provide users with real-time interactions. 

You can also refer to another article for a better understanding of iOS Gesture recognition utilizing an accelerometer (and gyroscope).

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