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I am looking for a library (open source or not) to analyze photos and determine if there are vehicles and or people in the images. I am not looking for facial recognition or vehicle classification. Just the ability to determine with some percentage certainty that a vehicle and or person is contained in images taken periodically.

I can provide a significant number (1000s) of photos to train the system.

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I expect to supply photos to a training system and understand that the quality of the detection system will depend on my training photos. What I am after I guess, is something like Numenta's Image recognition demo software (nicely packaged), but with a more flexible API (training and calling the system from an http API would be nice).

Are there any implementations of the OpenCV haar system that have been wrapped up nicely into a windows program?

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There are only three steps required to start using the Recognition API: upload Images of a Person, assign that Person to a Group, and train the Group. Sighthound Cloud is an API service that enables developers to add computer vision to their applications. Simple REST APIs deliver the location of any people and faces found in an image. Faces can be examined for gender and can be identified against a gallery of developer-provided images.

For more information regarding Recognition API - Face and Vehicle, refer to the following link:

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