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So I've been thinking of creating a program similar to this in Python. The problem is that I know next to nothing about AI. Right now I'm reading up on genetic algorithms and neural networks and such, but there's a lot of things to absorb.

My largest problem now is I don't know how the entire thing is put together. So if anyone can tell me the general framework for a program like this, I'll be really grateful. For example, how the creatures can "see" things in their surroundings, the kind of "chromosomes" they have and how the environment is created.

Also, can anyone suggest suitable libraries for AIs, any engines, etc? I've been thinking of using a neuro lab, will that be a good idea?


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Getting into Machine Learning and AI is not an easy task but is a critical part of data science programs. Many professionals and enthusiasts find it hard to establish a proper path into the field, given the enormous amount of resources available today. The field is evolving constantly and it is crucial that we keep up with the pace of this rapid development. In system to cope with this unbelievable speed of evolution and innovation, a good way to stay updated and knowledgeable on the advances of ML is to engage with the community by adding to the many open-source projects and tools that are used daily by advanced professionals.

Here are the Top 20 Python Machine Learning Open Source Projects:

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