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On the tv, I saw some interesting robots. These had some diodes, sun collectors and some motors. The diodes decided where the light is, so they turned the robot into the direction, which fed it with light. It kind of followed the light.

Now, based on this I was wondering about some easy AI. Is there a way to write an engine that can learn from user interaction?

As a starter, it would be enough to learn and remember only for the session the user is on the page.

Any help is appreciated.

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In short, yes. But don't reinvent the wheel, and you need to determine what kind of "learning" the AI will do. If you are a JavaScript developer who is new to machine learning and artificial intelligence, Brain.js could decrease your training curve. It can be used with Node.js or in the client-side browser for training/learning machine learning models.

You might prefer brain.js, a neural net framework for

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