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I have this data and i want to cross-tabulate between the GDP level (above average vs. below average) vs. Level of alcohol consumption (above average vs. below average). and find the correlation.


I'm trying this but is not what i want.

pd.crosstab(df['GDP'],df['Recorded_Consupmtion'], margins=True)

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This is what you can use in your code:

df['GDP_Avg'] = np.where(df.GDP < df.GDP.mean(),'Below Average','Above Average')

df['RC_Avg'] = np.where(df.Recorded_Consupmtion < df.Recorded_Consupmtion.mean(),'Below Average','Above Average')

pd.crosstab(df['GDP_Avg'],df['RC_Avg'], margins=True)


RC_Avg         Above Average  Below Average  All


Above Average              5              0    5

Below Average              1              3    4

All                        6              3    9

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