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I'm trying to identify an element, using "Wildcard" as match type. Say, you click on an element, like a box, on a web page. You'd want that box to contain the word city. In that case, within application modeler, you'd to this: *city*

This works fine. Now, what I want is to keep city as a variable, to make it more scalable. As an example, I'd create a data item named [city], and give it the value "Istanbul". So, when I do the same Wildcard match, with something like this: [city]

, so I'd want Blue Prism to replace [city] with "Istanbul", and do a search that contains a box with Istanbul in it. Is this possible?

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I will suggest you to try with dynamic match

enter image description here

  1.  Spy the element
  2. Edit the parameters 
  3.  Use the wild card match method with some string concatenation.

enter image description here

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