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I am unable to highlight the elements correctly it means that the element is in one position and highlight portion is somewhere during spying in Blue prism using HTML or AA mode.

can you please help in resolving these kinds of issues?

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Hi, I don't know the actual solution to your problem but there are a few workarounds that you can use for now to make your project work.

actually, Sometimes the HTML overlay isn't interpreted properly. There's a couple of tricks I use to get the web-elements and the 'spy boxes' to align properly again:

  • Window the browser and maximize the browser (mess a bit with the size of the browser's window;
  • Zoom in/out (mess a bit with the zoom, go 150%, then 50% and then back to 100%. Not anything specific)
  • If the above fails then, figure out roughly what the offset is. If this is, say ~30px up, then spying the element 30px above the intended element will still allow the RPA solution to correctly interact with the intended element.

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