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I am trying to implement a demo blockchain network using Hyperlegdger Fabric v1.0. I have followed the getting started and everything going fine so far. 

I could also be able to set up the sample network by following Building Your First Network. But still, I am not getting clarity to meet my requirement mentioned below

I have 4 applications running on 4 different weblogic servers and asset created from 1 application should be shared among the other three applications.

Eg:App1 creating Asset1 of quantity 100

By running the chaincode I need to share Asset1 among other 3 applications with the ratio App2:App3:App4 = 20:40:30

Previously I was trying out the same using Hyperledger fabric v0.6 service provided by IBM Bluemix and now only upgrading to V1.0 by doing the local environment setup.

In the Sample network there available 2 organizations with 2 peers each. In my case I need to set up 4 peers, one for each application and I need some suggestions for the below points.

How to create 4 peers for this requirement? will it need to set up peers in the different machine where each server is running or can I set up the 4 peers in the same machine?

Can I customize this 2 organization with 2 peers model to 4 organization 1 peer model to deal with each application?

Someone please clarify these and give your valuable suggestions to meet this requirement.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi, let's address your questions one by one

  • You can just extend the docker-compose file to have more peers. In case you want to setup peers on different machines you can refer the link below for the script if you have VMs you want to use as peers and a VM to be used as an orderer.
  • You need to extend the configtx.yaml file to have more organizations, and then also update the crypto-config.yaml accordingly

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