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I'm working with HyperLedger V1.0 after I followed the instructions at successfully

I decided to develop contracts using the Java SDK and test them in this network, but I faced a lot of problems:

-there is no shim-client in maven.

-I tried to build /fabric/examples/.../SimpleExample using Gradle build it results in errors.

is that any other way to build a contract with java on HyperLEdger 'V1' please?

Thank you

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First of all the java-sdk is not for writing chaincode, it's for user chaincode functions like deploy, invoke, query with fabric and certificate management like enroll, revoke, reenroll with fabric-ca. Your problem is that you want to write chaincode by Java. So you may try the sample chaincode from javasdk/test/fixture/sdkintegration/javacc.

the shim-client is not in maven repo now but you can build it

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