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Looking for a way to reliably identify if a numpy object is a view.

  • The test used in pandas now is to call something a view if my_array.base is ‘not’ None. This seems to always catch views, but also offers lots of false positives (situations where it reports something is a view even if it isn't).

  • numpy.may_share_memory() will check for two specific arrays, but won't answer generically

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The situations described as false positives seem to be when an operation that "creates a copy" actually returns a view of a copy. If this is to be considered "not a view", you might try checking the ref count of the array's base to see whether there are any other references to it, but that won't be perfect. I don't think it's possible to reliably detect this kind of thing. It's impossible without tracking the entire origin of the data to detect that kind of behavior. 

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