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How can we change y axis to percent, instead of a fraction using Plotnine library in Python?

A MWE of a barplot is as follows:

from plotnine import *

from import mpg

p = ggplot(mpg) + geom_bar(aes(x='manufacturer', fill='class'), position='fill')


Which gives the following figure:

Stacked bar chart with y axis as fraction not percent

With ggplot2 in R it is simple, just need to add:

+ scale_y_continuous(labels = scales::percent)

However I have not been able to find how to do this in Plotnine.

Any advise?

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What label parameter does is, it accepts a callable that takes the list of breakpoint as input.So, you have to convert each item in the list manually.

scale_y_continuous(labels=lambda l: ["%d%%" % (v * 100) for v in l])

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